Lab Created Pink Sapphire  


In the gemstone trade any non-blue Sapphire is termed "fancy”. And to clear up matters the color denominations are also used, so that when talking about Fancy Sapphires, we talk about yellow, purple, pink, green or white Sapphire, etc.


Pink Sapphire belongs to the corundum group which is set apart from other gemstones by their very good hardness (Grade 9 on the Mohs’ scale). They are second in hardness to diamonds only, and diamonds represent the hardest mineral on Earth!


Fancy sapphires are the epitome of individualism, the perfect choice for women who love unique colored gemstone jewelry. These Sapphires exist in a charming variety of designs - set in rings, as pendants or earrings, as solitary stones, in elegant line-ups or as sparkling pavée.


Lab Created and Lab Grown and Synthetic are synonymous terms. To use any of these terms, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the gemstone must have essentially the same appearance and optical, physical, and chemical properties as the natural material that they represent.


Lab Created Pink Sapphire Gems are available at on a per order basis only.


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